Sweet Shop Scents

Whether you love the scent of Cotton Candy, Gummy Bears or prefer something fruity like Chocolate Strawberry or Black Raspberry Cream, one of the premium 100% soy candles from our Sweet Shoppe is sure to satisfy!

Soy Fragrance Strength Rating:

Black Raspberry Cream
This enticing soy candle’s delicious scent blends fresh sweet blackberries and raspberries picked at the peak of ripeness with a soft backdrop of white floral greenery and a hint of yummy vanilla.

A perfect combination of sweet sugar and juicy bubblegum, this soy candle will fill your home with wonderfully delicious fragrances the whole family will love.

Buttered Popcorn
Ready for a night in? Perfect for movie night at home, these soy candles waft the delightful smells of fresh popcorn with a warm butter topping throughout the space. You will think you just walked into a theater!

Warm Vanilla Sugar
A popular variation on a traditional scent, this soy candle combines herbal scents, coconut and vanilla with a sandalwood base. It’s an instant classic you’re sure to love!

Gummy Bears
A childhood favorite, our Gummy Bear soy candles capture the essence of chewy, gummy candy bursting with fruity goodness. They make great gifts for men and women!

Chocolate Fudge
Perfect for the chocolate lover, our Chocolate Fudge candle features outrageously rich bittersweet chocolate and just a touch of cream that blend perfectly and will get your mouthwatering!

Salted Caramel
This soy candle’s delicious blend of smooth, rich, buttery caramel includes just a hint of sea salt. Don’t be surprised if your mouth starts watering soon after you light it!

Sweet Sugar
This soy candle features a fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam. You’ll think you just walked into a candy shop!

Chocolate Strawberry
Want anniversary ideas that last longer than one night? Our Chocolate Strawberry soy candles feature ripe red strawberry scents, surrounded by milk chocolate and vanilla cream. As a finishing touch, orange liquor accents the fruity aroma of this luscious confection.

Sugary Lollipop
Are you a fan of delicious cake pops? Rich, ripe berries mixed with hints of sugary sweetness and a bit of a sassy kick make this soy candle’s scent extra strong and scrumptious. It’s perfect for parties any time of year or as a special treat just for you!