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Our premium 100% all-natural soy candle jars range in size from small to large and come in any scent or color you like! See below for a full description of these popular candles.

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Madison Valley Candles’ 100% all natural premium soy candle jars range in size from small to large, 10 ounces to 26 ounces, and come in any scent or color you like! Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for women or gifts for men – or even just something special and soothing for yourself, you can select whichever of our premium soy candles you prefer.

  • Our medium soy candle jars are 16 oz. and have a burn time of 75 to 95 hours.
  • Our large soy candle jars are 26 oz. and have a burn time of 110 to 130 hours.

Our premium all natural soy candle jars are made from durable, clear glass and feature a lid for clean display or easy storage when not in use. As with all of Madison Valley Candles’ products, each of our candles are strongly scented with pure essential oils. They are also USDA certified organic, kosher and vegan. Whether you opt for one of our Signature Scents, like Ocean Mist, Candles for Guys, like Freshly Cut Grass, or Holiday Scents, like Balsam Fir, our premium soy candle jars show off each candles’ rich color and scent.

Madison Valley’s candle jars range in price from $23.00–$28.00.

Ready to purchase your Madison Valley candles? Get started by selecting the jar size, scent and color above! And make sure you remember to check for additional gift ideas for men and women that include our high quality candle jars and accessories.

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Alpine Balsam, Beach Linen, Bombshell, Almost Paradise, Apple Cinnamon Pie, Balsam Fir, Bamboo Coconut, Birthday Cake, Black Amber Plum, Black Linen and Amber, Black Raspberry Cream, Black Sand Beach, Blood Orange, Bourbon Pumpkin Cake, Bubblegum, Buttercream Frosting, Buttered Popcorn, Cactus Flower and Jade, Calla Lily, Candied Chestnuts, Candy Cane, Cardamom & Tobacco, Caramel Pumpkin Crunch, Cashmere Plum, Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate Fudge, Christmas Cabin, Christmas Cookies, Cinnamon Sticks, Clean Cotton, Coconut Cream, Cool Citrus Basil, Cranberry Apple, Crispy Bacon, Cucumber Melon, Day at the Spa, Falling Leaves, French Lilac, Fresh Cut Mango, Freshly Cut Grass, Fresh Watermelon, Frosted Spruce, Fruit Salad, Glowing Embers, Gummy Bears, Hansel and Gretel's House, Happy, Home for the Holidays, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Hot Cinnamon Buns, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Kentucky Bourbon, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lemon Lavender, Lemon Pound Cake, Lemon Verbana, Love Spell, Macintosh Apple, Magnolia & Peony, Mahogany Teakwood, Mango & Coconut, Melon Limoncello, Milk & Honey, Moonlight Path, Mulled Cider & Chestnuts, Nordic Nights, Oatmeal Cookie, Ocean Minerals, Ocean Mist, Patchouli Garden, Peach Nectar, Pecan Pie, Peppermint Bark, Peppermint Eucalyptus, Pina Colada, Pineapple Cilantro, Pineapple Sage, Plumeria, Pomegranate, Pomegranate Pear, Pumpkin Chai, Pumpkin Pecan Waffle, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Souffle, Pure Vanilla, Rain Showers, Raspberry Lemonade, Real Leather, Red Hot Cinnamon, Red Plum Baklava, Red Velvet Cake, Rich Cashmere, Ripe Cherry, Roasted Espresso, Salted Caramel, Sandlewood, Sex on the Beach, Suede and Smoke, Strawberry Blossom, Strawberry Guava, Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Plum Berry, Sweet Roses, Sweet Sugar, Toasted Pumpkin Spice, Under the Mistletoe, Vanilla Cedarwood, Vanilla Hazelnut, Victorian Christmas, Warm Banana Bread, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Weekend in Maui, White Birch, White Sage & Lavender, White Tea & Bergamot, Woodstock in the Park

48 reviews for Soy Candle Jars

  1. Kristen Reynaud (verified owner)

    I used to be a big YC fan but the quality has gone downhill. Someone suggested I try Madison Valley Candles and it was the best suggestion I’ve ever gotten! Firstly they arrived pretty quickly right to my doorstep which was nice. I love that you get to choose your jar type and the color, as well as the scent. They are 100% soy unlike YC and BBW. They burn SO cleanly and omg the scent is so strong it fills up a room in just a few minutes… and the scent even lingers well after it’s stopped burning. I can even just leave the top off unlit and I can smell it! If you love sweet/vanilla/gourmand fragrances you have to try the birthday cake.. it’s heavenly. Best candle I’ve ever smelled! It smells like a combo of creamy cake batter and cake warming in the oven! I just ordered two more. I don’t want to be without some in stock. I also ordered the buttercream frosting and the pure vanilla as well, I haven’t tried them yet but they smell really good just on cold sniff. After purchasing candles from so many other companies and being disappointed in hit or miss fragrance strength and burning quality I will only be purchasing candles from MVC from now on. I can’t wait to try many more fragrances!!!

  2. Mark (verified owner)

    Terrific scents. Fast delivery. Organic. Pure soy. Certainly will reorder in future.

  3. Ashlee (verified owner)

    I just recieved my order!! Brandied Pear & roasted espresso talk about incredible! Already planning my next order

  4. Lisa (verified owner)

    My first order has been received. I got the Almond vanilla and Blood Orange. Loving the Almond Vanilla! It smells amazing. Will definitely purchase again!

  5. Travis (verified owner)

    My first order was frosted spruce.. I am very happy with this candle. Strong scent and clean burning.. No black soot in the jar , which is nice! Going to try the 3 wick in home for the holidays for my next order.

  6. bradbhanes (verified owner)

    One of the best if not the best soy candle companies out there. These guys clearly know what their doing. So let’s see my favorite scents from Madison are their Almond Vanilla, cranberry apple 🍎, and their honeysuckle Jasmine is out of this world. I’ve heard amazing thing about so many other scents and can’t wait to try many of them. I have the coconut cream & Pina Colada scents in route which should arrive in a few more days.

  7. Laurie Catlin (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the candles I purchased! Super fast delivery! I do recommend Warm Banana Bread, Honeysuckle jasmine and Jamaican Vacation. Will be ordering more soon.

  8. Stephany Willams

    I love a great soy candle. The Bacon scent is amazing.

  9. Jerry Greets

    I just bought the Pumpkin Pie candle. WOW it is so strong. I had it in my kitchen but is was too strong so i moved it into my living room. What a great candle and the scent is just like a pie out of the oven.

  10. Kelly Terry

    Christmas Tree is my new favorite candle. 🙂

  11. Kelly Terry

    Very strong. I keep my Lavender candle in the bathroom unlit and with the lid off. Fills the whole room with a sweet scent.

  12. Jennifer Starboard

    I really like that you can choose the scent and color of the candles. I have never seen another company offer this. I wanted a strawberry scent but in yellow. Got just what i wanted.

  13. Ben Seal

    The best sou candles i have found. Tons of scents to choose from but i went with Bacon.

  14. Gellen Hathaway

    Just received my first order. WOW…very strong and perfect scents. I bought Lavender and Christmas Cookie.

  15. Orrin Fedder

    I love this candles. They burn clean and are STRONG!

  16. Haley Betley

    I love the Hemingway scent. My new favorite and very strong.

  17. Lila Fase

    Very strong candles!

  18. Kelly Taylor

    Best candles ever!

  19. Larry Martins

    I just got my 3 Man Candles. Pot Roast, Bacon and Kentucky Bourbon. Pretty Awesome.

  20. Joanne Health

    WOW! I love these candles. I picked Cool Basil in a Sea Form color with a wood wick. Perfect!

  21. Basat Khalifa

    I saw this company featured on The Today Show and thought i would place an order. What a fantastic candle. Strong scent and burns so clean. The jar doesn’t have a single black spot on it. I would recommend the Honeysuckle.

  22. Lindsey Collins

    Worth every penny.

  23. Taylor Hagins

    My first on-line candle purchase. Easy and got the candle yesterday. So strong the Lavender filled my living-room with scent before i even burned it.

  24. Haley Marie

    Watermelon for the summer. What more could i ask for.

  25. Dina Macintyre

    My new favorite thing. Buttercream frosting and cake are sweet and warm my home. I’ll be ordering again.

  26. David Adams

    Bought the Bacon with a wood wick. Awesome

  27. Mindy Mohr

    Fathers Day will be great with Bacon and Pot Roast candles i just got. Both with the wooden wicks.

  28. Margie Costa

    I’ve tried them all. MV is just the best candle i have found. Perfect balance of strong scent and long burning time. They burn so clean no black soot on the jar or my walls.

  29. Darlene Duke

    I love my Vanilla candle. Classic and clean scent.

  30. Ellen Strait

    White Sand Beach is awesome! Got to sample it at my local Hallmark Store.

  31. Jack Dynarski

    Perfect as usual. Super strong and i love the new labels. Ocean Mist is my go to scent.

  32. Jeana Martin

    I read a story that these candles were stronger than Yankee. After burning this candle for 3 days. I can confirm! Super Strong and burns so clean the jar is as clear as it was on the first day. I bought two Ocean Mist and Lavender.

  33. Mandy Merill

    It’s all about money. Perfect gift for my sales staff.

  34. Kimberly Shelly

    This is my third order from Madison Valley. I love these candles. Strong scent and look great. Ocean Mist is my FAV!

  35. Wendy Pasinni

    Strongest candles i have bought. My new favorite thing.

  36. Theresa Goodyear

    WOW! Very strong candles. I bought 2. Lavender and Candied Apple.

  37. Kris Carson

    Just got my Salted Caramel candle. WOW…Perfect

  38. Erin Meadows

    The Bacon candle is STRONG!

  39. Tina Phelps

    I little more expensive but worth the price. I with Bed Bath & Beyond would sell these!

  40. David Gamez

    I love the Soy option as a clean and healthy alternative to Yankee Candles. This is one awesome candle.

  41. Yelena Price

    I ordered the Lilac candle in pink. Great that i can choose the scent and color. Strong scent that filled my house!

  42. Terry Schmitt

    Great order. Fast shipping for a custom candle.

  43. Joanne Powers

    Highly recommend!

  44. Candice Marks

    I bought two candles. One Honeysuckle and the other Vanilla. Happy with both and the scents are great.

  45. Stasha Ybarra

    The Macintosh Apple is one of the best i have gotten. Very clean burn in the jar. Fast Shipping too!

  46. Steve Davis

    I bought the Bacon and Fresh Cut Grass candle. I can’t believe how perfect the smell. Just like the real thing.

  47. Mary Ann Tailor

    The Blood Orange is the strongest i have ever bought.

  48. William

    MVC Candles rock! They burn super clean, smell fantastic and really appear that they are going to last a long time. Highly recommended candles and love that they are all natural/organic. Thanks MVC, I’ll definitely be back for more! 🙂

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