Perfect Valentines Day Candles

Valentines Day Candle

The Perfect Valentines Day Candles.

It’s still January; why are we talking about Valentines Day? Far too often people wait until the last minute to buy their significant other a gift (you know who you are!). While we still have just over 2 weeks to go, here are three great scents to give to your sweetheart on Valentines Day.

Don’t worry about rushing to the florist when all you have to do is light this romantic candle. This soy fragrance features a complex blend of sweet rose, lily, fern and marigold to create a wonderful floral scent she’s sure to enjoy. She’ll be able to keep and use this “bouquet” time and time again.

What’s better than a nice stroll after a romantic homemade dinner? Imaging yourselves walking through lush gardens by breathing in the French lavender, lily of the valley, oak moss and musk. You can leave the dishes for tomorrow.

Whether this is your first Valentines Day as a couple or your 25th year, there’s nothing more romantic than toasting to love with a nice glass of cabernet. Our Rich Cabernet Candle has Orange that sweetens this soy candle’s fruity blend of grape, aged cognac and a hint of spiced wood.

Become starry-eyed lovers through the flickers of these three deeply romantic. If you can’t choose between Sweet Roses, Moonlight Path or Rich Cabernet, options so you can give a little bit of everything on your perfect night.

In 2004 Madison Valley Candle Company began hand mixing and pouring candles in the garage of our founders’ home. For the next 5 years he continued to perfect our proprietary blend our all-natural 100% premium soy waxes and essential oils that are USDA certified organic, kosher and vegan. Over the years customers have fallen in love with the all-natural Soy Candles and amazing gift products. For more information please visit