New Years Eve

New Years Eve is the end of the holiday season and is the magical send-off we all need. From the glitz and the glamour to the promise of a bright New Year, a lot of hope is put into one night. If you are looking to create a special night in, light these three premium soy candles to welcome 2017.

3 Premium Soy Candles for the New Years Eve

Buttered Popcorn for New Years Eve

If you are celebrating the last event of the year with little ones, the Buttered Popcorn candle is the way to go. Have fun watching movies, putting on your party hats all while inhaling the delightful smells of fresh popcorn with a warm butter topping throughout the night.

Moonlight Path for New Years Eve

In the midst of fireworks, party poppers and shouts of “Happy New Year,” this deeply romantic candle can create a serene space for you and your loved one. Capture the essence of a midnight stroll in lush gardens by weaving together French lavender, lily of the valley, oak moss and musk. Steal a kiss and a moment when the clock strikes 12:00.

Rich Cabernet for New Years Eve

Uncork a rich, full-bodied bottle of Cabernet and toast the end of 2016 with the one you love. Delightful notes of orange, grape, aged cognac and a hint of spiced wood with perfectly accompany the romantic mood of your evening.

Whether you are having a fun night in with the kids or a romantic evening at home, a Madison Valley Candle is what you need to create the perfect atmosphere for your New Year’s Eve celebration. Look through our Signature Scents and Candles Just For Guys to find the premium soy candle that is right for you.

About Madison Valley Candles:

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