Mothers Day

Mothers Day 2018

With Mothers Day quickly approaching it’s time to seriously start thinking about what you are going to get your mom to make her day extra special.  She’s pretty awesome and after putting up with all she does for all of these years she most certainly deserves the perfect gift.  If you are already her favorite, she’ll expect nothing but the best on Mothers Day.  If you are trying to grease your way into that favorite spot, you’re really going to have to trust us here.

A Mothers Day candle is a surefire way to help mom relax and rejuvenate. The perfect complement to a good book, a hot bath or a delicious meal, the scent is sure to remind her of you every time she lights that flame.  With all of the options for Mothers Day out there, finding the soy candle that’s right for her can be a serious challenge. Thankfully, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of our top selling candles to give mom this year—from musky and woodsy to floral and refreshing. Oh, and all of them are super gorgeous looking to boot. Done and done!

In 2004 Madison Valley Candle Company began hand mixing and pouring candles in the garage of our founders home. For 5 years he continued to perfect our proprietary blend our 100% premium soy waxes and essential oils.

We moved into our current facility in 2012 and began shipping our candles to gift shops throughout California. In 2014 we expanded our shipping nationwide and to Canada.  Later that year we launched our Candle by Design platform to allow our customers to build their custom candles directly from our website.  That means you choose the Size, Container Type, Wick Type, Fragrance and Color. Over the years our customers have fallen in love with our all-natural Soy Candles and amazing gift products. From the beginning we have committed to only use materials from U.S. suppliers. This has provides us with stable and consistent finished candle each and every time.

Our unique designs and over 90 scents have been featured on several television and promotional programs. We have created candles for Weddings, Large Corporate events and even Celebrities.

We think you’ll find our passion and drive create candles and gifts that become part of your home and lives.