Candlefind Review

Candlefind Review
I was so excited to have Candlefind Review more fragrances from Madison Valley, one of my new favorite soy brands. With spring right around the corner, I wanted to try some fresh scents along with a few bakery’s and luckily they had plenty to choose from in both categories.

When I received my package and placed all my candles in a row on my kitchen counter, I smiled from ear to ear. Each candle was so bright and colorful, it reminded me of a rainbow. I couldn’t wait to dig in and get started.
First up…. Ocean Mist – a spring fragrance Madison Valley recently listed. When I chose this scent, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I think of Ocean Mist and I imagine a strong ozone kind of scent which I’m not really fond of. Why? Ozone scents I’ve tried in the past generally remind me of harsh laundry detergents. This candle however pleasantly surprised me.
That’s a lot of floral going in that description but that’s not really what my nose picked up on. First impression, this scent smelled pretty complex and unique. It’s also going to be a little hard breaking down what it smells like. One thing I’m happy to report… this was not an ozone scent and I was pretty happy about that. The wax smelled very sweet, bright and fresh. Smelling the wax, I didn’t smell even a hint of floral. To me, this candle smelled like a fresh and fruity scent with something tangy in the mix like lemons or something zesty. The one word that keeps coming to mind… fresh.
I lit this candle in my master bedroom and that’s exactly where it stayed till the end. Within minutes of lighting the wicks, the scent started traveling through my bedroom and within 30 minutes, the scent was everywhere including my open bathroom. Loved the strength!!

The aroma… after a full week of burning this candle. I have no clue what I was smelling. All I know is I liked it. It was a zesty spring scent that reminded me of fresh air and sweet sugar. It wasn’t really fruity or floral, nor was it really tropical. I didn’t really smell vanilla, musk or sandalwood either. I was stumped and found myself hovering over the candle every day, trying to compare what I was smelling against the scent description and I couldn’t. If all those notes were there, it was blended in such a way that made it impossible to break down. All I can say is the aroma smelled like a sugary and fresh scent.
Strength – this candle was pretty potent. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this candle a 9 in a large room. 10 and above in medium to smaller rooms. Loved the strength!!

This candle burned perfect. So perfect, I didn’t even have to trim the wicks, not even once. Both stayed the perfect height the entire burn which was really nice. This candle also burned clean and evenly from start to finish. A+

Candlefind Review
I really enjoyed Ocean Mist and am so glad I took the chance and tried it. I loved the color of this candle by the way… it was a gorgeous ocean blue and a joy to watch burning. The melted wax took on a darker hue and glowed beautifully. Blue wax is always pretty to watch when melted.

In closing… I highly recommend this scent if you’re searching for a nice and fresh spring scent that isn’t too sweet, too floral or too fruity…. Ocean Mist was a perfect balance of all three.
I have several more candles to burn from Madison Valley so stay tuned for more reviews to come.
Until then… happy candle hunting!

Candlefind Review
by Christina
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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 3.5/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 5/5
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
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