3 Premium Soy Candles for Fresh Scents

What is your favorite fresh scent?

What is your favorite fresh scent?

According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 is The Year of the Monkey. While we don’t have a scent to remind us of monkeys, we do have candles that can help you cleanse yourself of 2015 and give you the fresh start you’ve always wanted. If you are looking to renovate yourself in 2016, here are three 100% premium soy candles to do just that.

3 Fresh Scent Premium Soy Candles 

  1. Clean Cotton

What better way to clean up your life than with fresh laundry? Even better, you won’t have to spend hours folding with this fresh and clean candle. This premium soy candle has an airiness that’s incredibly fresh and is paired with herbs, florals and the best clean cotton.

  1. Rain Showers

What’s more cleansing than a rain shower? No need to put on your rain boots or hat and get soaking wet with this premium soy candle. This candle is clean and crisp, perfect to enjoy all year long; with or without actual rain.

  1. Baby Powder

We also know the distinct smell of baby powder; for many it’s the fresh scent of new beginnings. Fill your home with the soft, clean smell of baby powder to invite in the New Year.

Give your life and home the best shot at a brand new year with the fresh scents of premium soy candles. If you’re looking for amazing candles to liven your home with, our Signature Scents and Candles Just For Guys® collections have a wide variety of scents to fit your needs. Also, you can pick the size and color you want; the options are endless.

About Madison Valley Candles:

In 2004 Madison Valley Candle Company began hand mixing and pouring candles in the garage of our founders’ home. For the next 5 years he continued to perfect our proprietary blend our all-natural 100% premium soy waxes and essential oils that are USDA certified organic, kosher and vegan. Over the years customers have fallen in love with the all-natural Soy Candles and amazing gift products. For more information please visit www.MadisonValleyCandle.com.