100% Soy Candles for Relaxation

What’s your favorite 100% soy candle to relax to?

What’s your favorite 100% soy candle to relax to?

After a long and stressful day, it can be nice to light candles and unwind. What if you could use those scents to be more than just a light flickering on the side table? Certain smells have been known to aid in relaxation and even sleep. Here are three of our 100% all natural premium soy candles that can be used for just that.

3 All Natural Soy Candles for Aromatherapy

  1. Lavender

One of the most popular scents for relaxation is lavender. This scent is the go-to choice for deep relaxation and even to ease you into sleep. Many like to breathe this classic scent in right before bed and drift off to a peaceful slumber.

  1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a very warm and inviting scent. This aroma can help you calm your nerves and induce relaxation. A sandalwood soy candle is perfect for forgetting about your hectic day.

  1. Pure Vanilla/Warm Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla is one of the most common scents to fill homes with. Whether the smell reminds you of fresh cookies or nostalgia for when you were young, vanilla is soothing and puts people at ease.

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long week or just need a minute to yourself, our 100% all natural premium soy candles can help you with what you need. Check out our Signature Scents page to see what other amazing candles we have to offer!

About Madison Valley Candle:

In 2004 Madison Valley Candle Company’s founder began hand mixing and pouring luxury soy candles. For the next 5 years he continued to perfect the proprietary blend of our all-natural 100% premium soy candles that are USDA certified organic, kosher, vegan and scented with the finest pure essential oils. Over the years customers have fallen in love with our premium soy candles and amazing gift products. To see all of our products visitwww.MadisonValleyCandle.com.